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2020-21 Medication Permission Form

The above form should be used for prescription
or non-prescription medication.

Immunization Requirements

Medication Procedures

Special Diet Statement
For Students with special diet requests, e.g. gluten free, lactose intolerant.

Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan

Very often parents and staff have questions about when a child should stay home from school due to illness. In general, the following guidelines are used:
  • Elevated temperature - above 100.0 degrees within the last 24 hours (normal is 98.6)
  • Vomiting - within the last 24 hours, associated with other symptoms.
  • Diarrhea - within the last 24 hours.
  • Strep throat - Minimum of 24 hours on an antibiotic before returning to school. Must have clinic signature of treatment.
  • Nose discharge - thick, colored drainage (may need to be evaluated if other symptoms are present).
  • Head lice - treatment with a medicated shampoo or oil treatment. Must have no live lice or nits. After two weeks of follow-up and child still has lice, a referral will be made to Public Health.
  • Scabies - must show documented treatment from a physician upon return.
  • Chickenpox - stay home until blisters have dried to scabs, checked upon return.
  • Pink eye - child must have 24 hours of treatment with doctor prescribed drops. Must have clinic signature of treatment. (Refers to an inflamed eye, usually with a sticky discharge).
  • Rash - rashes in question are those which have warm, raised surfaces, have any fluid discharge. The child should be seen by a physician and have a clinic signature to return. (Includes ring worm, impetigo, some herpes viruses).
  • Cough - a repetitive cough that interferes with the child's activity or play. Other symptoms may be present. May need to be seen by a physician.

In case the above conditions occur at school, the parent will be called to take the child home. If a parent cannot be reached, one of your emergency contacts will be asked to pick up the child from school. School personnel are NOT allowed to transport students home. Please keep this as a reference to use throughout the school year. We all need to work together to control communicable diseases and create a healthy environment for the children.