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Mrs. Lund named Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Kim Lund named Pillager Teacher of the Year
Posted on 12/15/2017

Kim Lund has been teaching Physical Education at Pillager schools since 2008. She is a dedicated teacher who gives her students the best she has and continues to strive to better her teaching through continued education. Currently, Mrs. Lund is working on her Master's degree through MSU-Mankato in Physical Education pedagogy.

 Mrs. Lund works with other departments and develops outdoor learning activities that take students out of their comfort zone in a fun and safe environment. When it comes to teaching, Mrs. Lund cares about the whole student not just the academics. She is willing to go the extra mile to help students be successful. She wants students to do things well and to the best of their ability. She also focuses on inclusion so that each develops the skill of being kind to others and accepting people for their differences.

 Mrs. Lund is very involved in Special Olympics and she positively impacts the lives of many students and their families. What she does every day extends beyond the classroom walls and the kid themselves.

 In her free time, Mrs. Lund likes to spend time with her husband, Kevin, and her three young boys, Logan, Conner, and Cole. Her family enjoys a variety of activities from fishing to cooking. She loves watching her boys wrestle and she simply states, "We love it all!".

Mrs. Lund has a simple motto that was shared by her husband and she has it posted on her whiteboard in the gym, "Be brilliant at the basics." This is a daily reminder to herself and her students to be the best they can be!

 Congratulations to Mrs. Lund for being chosen

Pillager Teacher of the Year.