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Metier program receives statewide award

Metier program receives statewide award
Posted on 11/16/2017
Pillager School Metier program has received an important award and grant from the University of Minnesota, placing #1 overall in the School category. Read the whole article at this link. Here is what they say about this program:

"School Category: Pillager Public Schools—Metier
Metier (pronounced meteor) is an experiential learning program that teaches students in grades 5 through 8 to build a life and career around “flow,” defined as the happiest state wherein you feel and perform your best. It achieves significant impact by bringing in community, colleges, organizations, and individuals to share education and career paths so students can sample 15 career fields over two years. Metier, supported by the National Joint Powers Alliance and the Bush Foundation, will meet with more than 15 schools in November 2017 to encourage replication."