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Pillager Strong     tax impact

Pillager Public Schools can make significant improvements to its facilities by passing a 
referendum on May 14, 2019.

A strong school
produces strong students
who help build strong communities.

voter info

Watch this video for complete information about the Pillager School referendum

The May 14 ballot will have two questions:

 Question 1 requests funding for classroom additions/remodels  

· Pillager Elementary School is currently facing significant space needs at the elementary level. The school district plans to control future open enrollment with a cap at 105 students per grade level. The proposed additions and remodels are strategically planned to comfortably handle this volume. Pillager School will be able to house five elementary sections in grades K-2 and four sections for grades 3-12. This is an efficient way to run a district of our size.

· Additions/remodels:
P Five new elementary classrooms
P Restrooms
P Elementary music room
P Elementary technology classroom
P Additional special education rooms
P Flexible MakerSpace (technical vocational learning)
P Additional health clerk office
P Larger elementary vestibule for better circulation and improved safety
P Two classrooms regained for middle school
P Renovate ProStart culinary space with three commercial kitchens
P Create new wood shop
P Expand area for metal and auto repair
P Online learning lab


 site plan  


Question 1 also requests funding for maintenance issues.

· The majority of our school’s roof is 25+ years old and needs to be replaced. The existing roof leaks and water infiltration has damaged floors, walls, and equipment throughout the school. The district has spent $130,000 on patching the roof and fixing damages caused by water since 2013.

· The school is also battling issues with energy efficiency and thermal comfort. This is due to old mechanical units on the roof, inadequate roof insulation, and inefficient windows and doors.  Repairs also need to be made to some of the mortar joints on
maintenance needs

 Question 2 requests funding for an auditorium.

Pillager doesn’t currently have an auditorium.

The space being used is a small stage that is part of the elementary cafeteria, which is from 1940 and has many issues.

· Poor acoustics and temperature control
· Minimal storage
· Inadequate seating
· Has no “back stage”  for performers
· Many groups share this space (elementary cafeteria, technology classroom, Fun Stop programming, community meetings) which causes scheduling conflicts on a consistent basis.


The auditorium will benefit the school and community as a multi-functional community facility with the following features:

· Tiered theater seating
· Quality sound and lighting
· Ground-level entrance
· Large, flexible space for many, many uses (meetings, events, and activities)

The district has sized the 350-seat auditorium appropriately for our community, keeping in mind that a control of open enrollment and cap of 105 students per grade level has been set by the School Board.



May 14 referendum

referendum info Click on picture to see a larger version
of this  document
referendum info-page 2

Mr. Malmberg speaks about the elementary portion of the proposed referendum.

Mr. Malmberg speaks about CTE (Career Technical Education) additions to Pillager School

Mr. Malmberg speaks about the auditorium addition portion of the vote. 

Mr. Malmberg speaks about district growth and open enrollment.

Maintenance Issues addressed

Tax Impact Addressed

Student led tour of the current "auditorium"

October Survey Results Report here
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