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There are many ways to get the latest news and information about Pillager Schools — and social media pages make it easy!

We regularly use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to make it easier for our parents, patrons, students and fans to get the latest news and information about our schools. 


We support and encourage active use of social media by our teachers, coaches, sponsors and administrators. Review the social media accounts below, and take advantage of a great opportunity to show your support for our schools and participate in an open exchange of information and ideas!


Please note that some Facebook groups or other accounts are available only to those students or parents who are affiliated with a particular class or group. To request membership in a closed group, contact the classroom teacher or the group's leader.

Facebook Instagram  Twitter
Pillager Public School   pillagerschools  @PillagerSchools
Pillager Baseball    @Pillager_Base
Pillager Huskies Football Family  pillagerfootballfamily  @PillagerFB
Pillager Huskies Fishing Team    
Pillager Clay Target League    
Pillager PTO    
Pillager Youth Baseball     
Pillager Teen Reading Club pillagertrac